Todd Schaeffer

There is nothing more that I enjoy than waking up while the rest of the world is sleeping, grab a hot coffee, throw my camera bag over my shoulder and head out the door hoping to capture the unattainable or that one famous shot. OK let's be honest I have a toddler and a wife that is compulsive about running, so really I am worrying the whole time, did my son wake up, is it time for my wife's run . . . 

However, the ambition to find that shot is what drives me each day to take on the challenge to push my photography to the next level.  I have had the opportunity to travel to random locations throughout the world and view the world through the eye of the lens.  I want to share with everyone the views I have taken to bring a different angle to their lives.

Who am I? I am a father, a husband, a landscape/architectural/commercial photographer.  As I initially joked about the normal chaos of life, this is what keeps me constantly on my toes to be the best and focus on the imagine at hand.